You don’t have to be HR to affect change. Just be a daredevil!​

29 Sept. 11am-noon Pacific/20:00-21:00 CET; 30 Sept. 6-7pm Pacific / 1 Oct. 9-10am HKT, 11am-noon Sydney time, 1-2pm NZST The Agile Manifesto came out 20 years ago. It’s all about teams, yet, HR processes still focus on individuals. Shouldn’t we be asking questions on how Agile affects HR and how HR can support organisational agility,Continue reading “You don’t have to be HR to affect change. Just be a daredevil!​”

Removing and Solving the Conundrums of Performance Management Systems

This is a 2-day workshop, 2.5 hours each day Do you roll your eyes or groan in pain when you see the email from your HR/People Ops that it’s time for performance review? Do you even remember what you have done more than 2 months ago? Have you ever asked who invented this abomination calledContinue reading “Removing and Solving the Conundrums of Performance Management Systems”

How do you know they are resistant?

Have you encountered resistance to change? What are the signs that would tip you off? Body language, e.g. cross arms, face away from you? Facial expressions, e.g. smirks, frowns, curled lips, sneer chin up? Tone of voice, like sarcastic grunts, noises showing contempt? Or maybe you detect it in their attitude? e.g. being sarcastic, uncooperative,Continue reading “How do you know they are resistant?”