The Trojan Horse that leads your Transformation to Agility


Did your enterprise agile transformation start with the Finance and HR departments? No? You are not alone. Are they on the roadmap to be next? Maybe they should be…

Agile is a mindset and a habit, using some frameworks and practices. However, it is hard to be agile when we need to provide all the answers at the end of each year for the entire following year or when we report in a waterfall manner. So, the way we do budgeting, forecasting, performance assessment, rewards & recognition, and cost control can be either enabling or hindering agility. 

In this episode, we’ll walk through an example of how we transform the whole organisation by stealth by evolving the Finance and HR departments. By evolving it this way, you achieve the transformation at a fraction of the price of traditional transformation programmes.

Change the Way You Change Episode 3 Our Agile Tales

In the past two years, many organizations have undergone a lot of change. They are trying to transform themselves with the new business realities – first driven by the pandemic and now driven by the ever-changing global events happening today. Are we simply driving continuous change using the usual methods or ushering in a Golden Age of Business Transformation and Change?Join us in our conversation with Stephen Parry, a world-class expert, and multi-award-winning transformation leader. In our discussion about changing the way we change, we refer back to a previous webinar that Stephen gave us, and we dissect a new way of looking at organizational transformations that go beyond the traditional frameworks prescribed to various organizations today.
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