Agile @ Tesla Episode 5 Our Agile Tales

What’s it like to work at the cusp of a radical company that’s breaking all the rules, including Agile as most people know it?  From 3-hour sprints to very short-lived teams, we’re chatting with Joe Justice about Elon Musk’s desire and drive to innovate quickly. The result is tangible organizational agility at Tesla. We’re going to cover everything about agility, from HR (Episodes 1-2), Finance (Episodes 3-4) and Management (Episode 5) to applying agile methods to product development and hardware.
  1. Agile @ Tesla Episode 5
  2. Agile @ Tesla Episode 4
  3. Agile @ Tesla Episode 3
  4. Agile @ Tesla Episode 2
  5. Agile @ Tesla Episode 1

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